Rebuttal Paragraphs 9/5/18

Kristof, “Do We Have the Courage”

In Kristof’s text, “Do We Have the Courage to Stop This?” he uses rebuttals to try and persuade the audience towards his argument in the best way possible. One rebuttal I found was when he said “Likewise, don’t bother with the argument that if more people carried guns, they would deter shooters or interrupt them” in paragraph ten explaining something that the other side would possibly think of as an argument. This influences the audience because it stops them from even thinking about that after they read the article because they have already been interrupted by it. Another rebuttal he uses was “And don’t say that it won’t make a difference because crazies will always be able to get a gun.” This also gives the readers another thing to think about if they are on the opposite side of the article and is calling them out for something they are thinking. These types of rebuttals would be called strategic concession because it brings up opposing views that the readers may have thought of.

Jeremy Rifkin, “A Change of Heart About Animals”

In Rifkin’s text, “A Change of Heart About Animals,” he uses many rebuttals for the purpose of persuading that audience to his side of the argument by bring up opposing viewpoints. First rebuttal I found in the text was when he said “some philosophers and animal behaviorists have long argued that other animals are not capable of self-awareness because they lack a sense of individualism.” Right after this was stated, he went on with a study that proved this rebuttal wrong. This is extremely persuasive because it is demonstrating irrelevance of the subject. Another rebuttal he uses is “It’s commonly believed that other animals have no sense of their mortality and are unable to comprehend the concept of their own death.” This also is strategic recession because it brings up the opposing view and then shuts it down immediately after by a statistic.


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