9/10/18 Homework

  • What did you think of Rifkin’s argument, or find most interesting about it? I found it most interesting that Rifikins argument was getting people to realize how human animals actually are. Most writers chose to write about topics that super relevant and controversial to the world at the time and I liked how this was a little breath of fresh air for those who need a break from the controversial topics.
  • Read the “starter template for discussing claims” on page 73 (reader). Use this template to write about two of Rifkin’s main claims. One of Rifkin’s main claims is that animals are more alike humans than we had expected. Rifikin asserts that many researchers are finding that creatures have many similar human qualities. According to Rifkin, they know how to love, experience stress, and feel pain. For example, Rifkin states that “these finding are changing how we view animals.” What he means by this is that all the statistics and data people are finding is leading us to find that animals are just like us. In other words, we are looking at animals all wrong and we need to start treating them will more respect. Another one of Rifkins main claims is that animals do have a sense of awareness just like we do. Rifkin asserts that many people are led to believe that these creatures have no sense of awareness. According to Rifkin, those claims happen to be untrue based on research. For example, Rifkin states that “An orangutan… used a mirror to groom his teeth and adjust his sunglasses.”  What he means by this is animals are aware of themselves and keep up with things that humans do. In other words, people that think animals are stupid clearly haven’t done their research.
  • In a separate paragraph describe some of the main kinds of evidence used to support these claims. Rifkin uses a lot of evidence to support his claims. For example he uses a lot of statistics and data found from researchers all over the place. These support his claim by opening the readers eyes to things that bring out human qualities in animals. He also uses facts which helps with supporting the claim.  
  • Discuss two strategies Rifkin uses to persuade his audience. One strategy Rifkin uses is appeal to pathos, and emotion. By talking about love and animals, humans can relate and it helps persuade the reader. Another strategy that he uses is rhetorical questions. He creates an entire paragraph of rhetorical questions getting the reader to be constantly thinking about the question before and the question that will follow.
  • Read Parry’s “Branding a Condition.” What is Parry’s overall argument? What did you find most interesting/useful about this text? Parrys overall argument is If you can define a particular condition and its associated symptoms in the minds of physicians and patients, you can also predicate the best treatment for that condition. I found it most interesting that Parry went against advertisers and marketers and stated what he found to be true for many people.
  • What does Parry’s argument suggest about the way advertisers and marketers try to persuade audiences? Have you seen or heard of any similar methods of persuading people? Parry’s argument suggests that advertisers and marketers try to persuade their audience by telling everyone what they want to hear and going with what is most popular. This method of persuading people happens all over the place without us even noticing. It’s in movies, magazines, newspapers, and more.

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