Intro and Body 9/19/18

Erika Bishop

J Werry

RWS 100

September 18, 2018

Public Thinking

Technology, we all have it, use it, and love it. In the excerpt from the book “Smarter than you think,” Chapter two’s  “Public Thinking” by Clive Thompson, talks about how public thinking on the internet has drastically changed the how and the amount we write which has many major benefits. For example the use of technology has made our thoughts become more clear and cognitive, it improves the way we write because of the audience we are writing for, and it expands our social connections and knowledge. Many people may argue that the internet has made individuals less intelligent but according to Thompson, they are wrong. He makes many interesting and important claims that people may not have thought of before but he also carefully uses rebuttals so that the argument is not one sided or bias. This chapter is also filled with different types of evidence and reasoning as to why his side of the argument is the correct one. It gets the readers thinking about things they might not have ever thought of before reading this.

One of Thomson’s main claims is that writing things down can improve the quality and clarity of our thoughts. Think about it, if songwriters thought of lyrics in their head and it was clear to them, songwriters would not even exist because they would just know it already without having to write it down. Have you ever written an essay perfectly in one go? This is why we write things down because the thoughts and ideas can become jumbled in our brains if we don’t. Thompson uses a poet to back up this argument to establish credibility for the audience. The famous poet, Cecil Day-Lewis, says “We do not write in order to be understood; we write in order to understand.” This quote is coming from someone who writes poems for a living and it shows that writing things down plays a huge role in clarifying your mind and is a big part of what writers do for their work. When it comes to having an audience, your mind works in a way that improves your writing because it knows that someone is going to see your work. Even if the audience is not that large, it still makes a much bigger impact than with no audience at all. Thompson uses many type of evidence to prove how writing things for an audience can improve the way we write. 


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