10/11/18 Homework

One claim in the article “I invested early in Google and Facebook. Now they terrify me.” by Roger Mcnamee, would be that apps such as facebook and google can become highly addictive to people without even knowing it. To support this claim he uses an appeal to logos by providing statistics about how addictive smartphones can be. For example he states that “[a] 2013 study found that average consumers check their smartphones 150 times a day.” This appeal to logos shows the readers a realistic point of view that they can believe in themselves.

One claim in the article “Youtube, the Great Radicalizer” by Zeynep Tufecki, would be that Youtube makes people continue watching videos by feeding them videos to very far extremes. To back up this claim the author uses the appeal to logos by giving specific evidence but also pathos. It appeals to peoples emotions because it talks about politics and sides people are on. Politics can be a very touchy subject for some people and for Youtube to provide more and more extremes to people viewing can often times make people upset. For example she did an experiment with nonpolitical topics on youtube. When she looked up “[v]ideos about vegetarianism [it] led to videos about veganism.” Veganism is obviously more of an extreme than vegetarianism. This justifies the claim that youtube reals you in by suggesting more extreme videos.

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