11/1/18 Homework

After reading Boyd’s “Literacy: Are Today’s Youth Digital Natives?” I found many main claims that the author makes.

  • “Teens are “digital natives,” and adults, supposedly less knowledgeable about technology and less capable of developing these skills, are “digital immigrants.”
  • “Teens must fend for themselves to make sense of how technologies work and how information spreads.”
  • “Teens will not become critical contributors to this ecosystem simply because they were born in an age when these technologies were pervasive.”
  • “Educators have an important role to play in helping youth navigate networked publics and the information-rich environ- ments that the internet supports.”
  • “Youth must become media literate.8 When they engage with media— either as consumers or producers—they need to have the skills to ask questions about the construction and dissemination of particular media artifacts.”
  • “Teens view Google as the center of the digital informa- tion universe, even though they have little understanding of how the search results are produced, let alone any awareness of how personal- ization affects what they see.”
  • “Wikipedia provides an ideal context for engaging youth to interrogate their sources and under- stand how information is produced.”
  • “Youth who are surrounded by highly sophisticated technical peers are far more likely to develop technical skills themselves. In communities where techni- cal wherewithal is neither valued nor normative, teens are far less likely to become digitally savvy.”
  • “I believe that the digital natives rhetoric is worse than inaccurate: it is dangerous.”
  • “Both adults and youth need to develop media literacy and technological skills to be active participants in our information society.”

I thought it was interesting that the author mentioned a code that kids were learning and exploring through myspace and when they closed it, they closed a learning opportunity for kids. I can relate to this article because my teachers have told me not to use wikipedia as a source for my research. It is interesting because after reading this article I learned that wikipedia can actually be a great resource for having discussions about different topics.

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