11/6/18 Homework

After reading a chapter out of Boyd’s book “Its Complicated” I learned that her overall argument was that the terms “digital natives” and “digital immigrants” are in many ways incorrect. Just because young people were born in the time of technology doesn’t mea they know the ins and the outs of technology. Some of her main claims would be that wikipedia is falsely accused of being an unreliable source when it actually “provides an ideal context for engaging youth to interrogate their sources and understand how information is produced” (page number). Another one of her main claims would be that “teens view google as the center of the digital information universe, even though they have little understanding of how the search results are produced” (page number). I find the claim about Wikipedia very interesting because I Personally relate to all the kids that were interviewed and I would like to learn more about how it can give me more valuable information.

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