11/13/18 Homework

I am choosing to take path number 4 provided on the prompt. I am going to focus on Boyds main claims that just because young people grew up with technology, doesn’t mean they know everything about it. Boyd points out that wikipedia, despite popular belief, is actually a really good website for several reasons. She also points out other skills that should be taught to the youth.”Youth must become media literate.8 When they engage with media— either as consumers or producers—they need to have the skills to ask questions about the construction and dissemination of particular media artifacts” Another quote from Boyd,”In my fieldwork, I often found that teens must fend for themselves to make sense of how technologies work and how information spreads.”

The outside text https://webliteracy.pressbooks.com/chapter/four-strategies/ backs up Boyd because it is teaching us important strategies when it comes to fact checking, etc. https://hapgood.us/2017/03/04/how-news-literacy-gets-the-web-wrong/ same with this website.”I have a simple web literacy model. When confronted with a dubious claim: Check for previous fact-checking work, go upstream to the source, read laterally. That’s it.”http://www.zurinstitute.com/digital_divide.html goes in depth about digital natives and digital immigrants and contrasts with Boyds article. “While most digital natives are tech-savvy by virtue of their being born around technology, others do not have a knack for technology and computers, or even an interest or inclination to learn more.”


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